Unplugged weddings

By 16 October 2017Planning advice
unplugged weddings

I get it, informing your friends you are at the coolest wedding ever is important. But paying attention to reality before you is even better. You want souvenirs I understand but a photographer is hired to capture beautiful pictures of the crucial moments, especially the ceremony!

What is un unplugged wedding?

It is just a wedding without the use of phones and cameras from your guests. And yes, it is possible. It’s not really a question of trends but good sense: a lot of your wedding photos, especially the ceremony ones can be ruined by phones or cameras that your guests use. You can either see a bunch of phones on your pictures or else have one of your guests in the way of your professional photographer. With all his/her professionalism, your photographer will not be able to avoid this kind of situation.
It is your duty to ask your guests not to use their phones, mostly during the ceremony. They can enjoy this moment as much as they can especially as they will have access to the professional pictures afterwards. You can write it on your ceremony programs or even ask your officiant to announce it at the beginning of the ceremony.

Here is a perfect video showing exactly the problem with phones and camera during a ceremony: https://www.facebook.com/slfweddings/videos/1394356480609458/

So, be unplugged!


Credit: Kristine Herman, Etsy OrchardBerry, MissDesignBerry.

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