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Where can you organise weddings?

We organise weddings everywhere in France ! We are based in Paris but we can organise weddings wherever you’d like us to. Paris, South of France, Normandy, Loire Valley,….but also in other countries like Greece, Italy, Turkey,….

Can we have a legal civil ceremony in France?

Only people who resides in France can legally get married in France. According to French law you must be a resident in France for at least 40 days before you can get legally married. You have to prove the residency with bills and documents with your names and address. In certain cases, if the couple or their parents had a secondary home in France it could work but it is rare.

Is it possible to organize a legal ceremony in a venue anywhere in France?

The civil ceremony only takes place in the city hall « Mairie », the mayor or a representative cannot marry you in another venue other than the city hall.

Can we have a religious ceremony in France?

Yes, you can but it is not always an easy task and it depends on the church you want to get married in. It will require to meet the priest, attend the preparation classes in your country, prepare documents with your priest to send to the archbishop in France and then the French priest.

Do you have exclusive partnerships with any particular vendors?

We do not have exclusive vendors and we do not impose any vendors. Each client has different criteria so we select and present you vendors that answers your specific needs and demands.

When should we get in touch with you?

You can get in touch with us the moment you decide to get in married and have an idea on what we could help you with. If you start organizing your wedding and realize it is too much work or too difficult, we can take over at any time.

What does your fees include?

Our fees are determined at the beginning of our collaboration. After a phone interview, a skype session or exchange of detailed emails we establish what services you would need from us.

We do not take percentage on the vendors you book, our fee is the only payment we receive from you. It may evolve if your needs change during our collaboration but we would send a new quote, which you would agreed to and then we would ad an addendum to the contract.

What information do we need to give you when we contact you?

The more the better! We need to know if you already chose a date or a period for the wedding day, the area you would want to get married, what kind of ceremony (religious or symbolic), the number of guests, but also the style of the wedding and if you already know what services you would want from us (complete organisation, vendors research, d-day coordination,….).

We love to know your story and where you come from, who you are so do not hesitate to tell us more about you!

How do we start the wedding planning process with you?

As soon as we have all the information needed, we will send you a quote. To approve this quote and book us for your wedding date, you then have to send us back the signed quote along with a deposit of 40% of the price of our fee. This deposit is absolutely necessary to book us. After that, we will send you the contract and start organizing your wedding!